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"Heidi Pitlor isn't just one of the smartest, most experienced and insightful editors I've ever worked with, she's also got a second superpower as an author whisperer. Whether it's encouraging me to trust myself and the process, helping me clarify my intentions, brainstorming plot points that have been puzzling me, or simply talking me down from the ledge when the way seems dark, Heidi offers an abundance of wisdom, support, humor and bigheartedness. I don't know what I'd do without her!"

-Paula McLain, New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Wife

"Anna Solomon is an invaluable resource. Every single piece of feedback resonated, from big-picture reflections on plot and character down to the close-reading, crafty analysis of style. This level of attention is hard to find elsewhere in the industry."

–Alena Dillon, author of Mercy House and Eyes Turned Skyward

“Amy Zhang made me a better writer. She thoughtfully pushed me to dramatize every element of my story which resulted in a deeper and more fun piece. She delivered her advice in an easy, professional style that brought me back to one of the things I love most about writing - insightful conversations about writing."

-Steven Hahn, writer

"Christine Utz is a fantastic editor. She's empathetic and supportive which is so critical as writing can often feel like a lonely endeavor. Her developmental feedback has strengthened the story at the core of my novel and made me a better writer. I highly recommend her editing services to all writers who are seeking constructive and kind feedback on their work.
-Natalie Higdon, writer

"Working with Meg Whiteford is a wonderful experience. Meg's work is creative, incredibly prompt, diligent, professional, and adds an amazing amount of richness to any writing project. I very much enjoy working with Meg and highly value our working time together. Further still, I would always learn something new, and am truly grateful for all that Meg adds to every edit."

-Flynn Coleman, author of A Human Algorithm

"Heidi Pitlor is one of the kindest and keenest editors I've ever had the pleasure of working with and her notes have been invaluable to me. She is so finely attuned to the music of language and the mechanics of scene, and she knows how to get both sentences and stories to their best and final form. She has a genius instinct for what to cut and what to keep in a revision, and because she's a fabulous writer in addition to being an editor, she understands the process from every angle. I loved working with her and I can recommend her to you with a full-throated moon howl."

-Karen Russell, MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" recipient and Pulitzer Prize finalist     for Swamplandia! 

"I first worked with Anna in 2008 when I was just learning how to write fiction. As a baby writer, I had so much to learn, and Anna read my work with incredible care and patience and insight.  She pushed me to grow as a writer, interrogating my decisions and teaching me to look at my own work with a more critical eye.  Since then, she has served as a mentor to me: providing advice and support, allowing me to bounce ideas off her, and continuing to provide exacting feedback on works-in-progress. She was one of the first people to take my work seriously, and she encouraged me to aim high. For that, I will always be immensely grateful."

-Matthew Lansburgh, author of Outside is the Ocean, winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award and Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and the Ferro-Grumbley Award for LGBTQ Fiction

"Working with Christine is a great experience. Having collaborated on multiple books, she’s proven to be talented, responsive, and reliable. She’s terrific at both listening to your needs and offering effective solutions. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with writing, editing, or concept development.

-Jeff Leeson, Editorial Director at Benson-Collister

"Meg Whiteford gave me the courage to keep telling stories. Each piece of writing I send to Meg, upon its return, brings me closer to my truth. She has a keen sensibility to dissect a piece of writing while keeping the writers’ voices intact. Her generative and constructive questions act as an inspirational guide that leads the writer to a level of completion and fullness."

-Dav L. Bell, author of Driving by Dead Reckoning

"Working with Heidi was a true pleasure. She edited a story of mine and her feedback could not have been more valuable. She helped me take the story to another level—challenging me to deepen the characters and take a closer look at plot points that just weren’t working. She did all this with kindness, patience, and good humor. A great process from start to finish."

-J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of Friends and Strangers

“Amy Zhang is an exceptional editor and I highly recommend her services to any writer. Amy was thoughtful and patient throughout the editing process, and asked all the right questions that pushed me to make the essay better with each draft. Working with Amy made me excited to keep writing and submitting. Hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to work with her again in the future."

-Yurina Yoshikawa, writer

"Heidi is an amazing reader and editor. Her meticulous and thought provoking insights allowed me to find new, necessary direction in a novel I spent years writing. Working with her has been a transformative experience, providing clarity and a true roadmap for revision."

-Lisa Hanson, writer

"Amy helped me pull a group of stories into a fluidly restructured novel. With kindness and enthusiasm, her ideas led to a work of greater depth. Amy's insight into my project, her sensitivity to issues with my characters and instinctive grasp of what I wanted carried me through difficult stages of doubt. Really, this work would not exist with her assistance."
Beverly Burch, writer and Lambda Literary and John Ciardi prize-winning poet

"Heidi provides amazing feedback that speaks to big issues of shaping a collection as a whole as well small issues to sharpen individual stories. Narrowing the narrative distance. Picking up pacing. Not letting subtlety drain a story. Seeding subplots. Sharpening a main character's interiority. And more. I learned so much by reading her notes, which were precise and humane and conveyed enthusiasm. She's on the side of writers. And stories. Her notes are like a master class designed for one."

-Marilyn Abildskov, author of The Men in My Country

"I came to Heidi for help with plotting the end of my novel, and she helped me see the entire story and its essence more clearly. Her notes were thorough, incisive, and generous of spirit. I’m so glad we had a chance to work together."

-Terry Dubow, writer

“Thanks to Anna, I have made significant progress on my novel.  In our meetings, she was quick to pinpoint the emotional center in my writing.  She asked insightful questions that inspired me to look deeper into my characters and the plot. At the same time, her very practical feedback helped me improve my craft.  I leave each of our meetings with renewed ambition and concrete goals.  I am grateful for Anna’s guidance.”

-Ying-Ju Lai, Writer-in-Residence, Associates of the Boston Public Library

"I call Heidi my book fairy godmother, or maybe my matchmaker. She helped me remain intact while querying — no small feat — and her keen eye and insight were instrumental in helping my novel find a home. She’s an advocate for writers on so many different levels, and at all stages. This is the dream team, and I hope to work with them more in my journey, whether it’s launching this book or developing the next."

-Sara Shukla, writer

"Heidi and I collaborated to edit a group of short stories that greatly benefited from her intuitive sense of what makes a good story. She has a great eye for pacing, dialogue, structural balance, and character development. An empathic reader and person, she effectively and gently helped these writers locate the true heartbeat of their work and train the narrative spotlight exactly where it needed to go."

-Jeff VanderMeer, New York Times bestselling author of Annihilation

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