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We work with published authors, agents, and publishers to provide developmental and line edits of novels, memoirs, books of narrative nonfiction, and if we have openings, essays and short stories. We also edit children's, middle grade, and young adult books. Our experienced editors help elevate the quality, readability, and marketability of manuscripts while preserving the authors' vision and voice. 


We pride ourselves on being listeners. A good coach asks the right questions in order to help authors build motivation, establish direction, get organized, stay accountable, overcome personal and logistical obstacles, and become their best creative selves. We are here to help published writers rethink their current projects, writing and publishing careers, industry connections, as well as short and long-term goals.


Our sensitivity readers identify and offer solutions to correct cultural inaccuracies, stereotypes, unwitting bias, and other potentially harmful language.


We assure that our clients' information is accurate, and provide the final polish to manuscripts, readying them for the public eye.


Once a publishing deal has been inked—Congratulations!— we help authors navigate the various paths toward building a future readership. Reviews in newspapers and magazines are validating and rewarding, but review space continues to dwindle. Exciting paths remain though, and we work with authors and publicists to explore excerpting, features inspired by the work, events, book festivals, and other ways to create buzz for projects. 


We are available to speak about all facets of writing and publishing. We have spoken and taught at Harvard University, MIT, University of Michigan/Ann Arbor, Google, Bread Loaf, Brandeis University, Cambridge Writers Workshop, Grub Street, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, Walnut Hill School, and many other places.  


Who is "next big thing"? We create lists of talented potential clients for agents, publishers, podcasts, filmmakers, and other media gatekeepers. With decades of experience in the publishing industry, we have also helped various platforms commission fiction and personal nonfiction from unknown writers to international bestsellers.

We are also available for assistance with publishing-related pitching and copywriting, ghostwriting, and book reviewing.

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