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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Drop us a line with any questions at

Individual clients

For a free estimate, please send the following to

1. Brief bio. Please include any prior publications. It's ok if you have only published one or two short pieces–just tell us who you are (where you live, what do you do for work, anything else you'd like us to know).

2. Word count of your project. We are open to working on individual short stories and personal essays if we have the time available, but we do have a three hour minimum.

3. Goals for your work with us. These can be as general as "Please help me become a better writer" or as specific as "The ending of this novel is a mess, and I don't know if this whole thing is publishable" or as desperate as "My agent (or my editor) hates this memoir but I love it. Help!"

4. Timeframe. When would you like us to start and finish working with you?

5. 15-20 pages of your book-length manuscript, or 5 pages of your shorter piece. If this makes you nervous, you are human. If you felt as if your project were perfect, you wouldn't be here. As Zadie Smith said, “It’s such a confidence trick, writing a novel. The main person you have to trick into confidence is yourself. This is hard to do alone.” 

We will do our best to get back to you within a few days and let you know if one of our editors is a good match, as well as the estimated cost for our work. 

Agents, editors, publishers, and corporate clients

Please email with an overview of your needs. 

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